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You Tube Commercials

September 27, 2011

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World

I think that this could be considered Grand Style, as it is done in an over-the-top style, and the speaker’s voice has a lot of gravitas.

He’s constantly shown with women, an obvious appeal to men

Deliberate contradictions, this man is exceptional and can do things others cannot or are not allowed to do.

“Stay thirsty my friends” is part of his catchphrase, meant to endear him to the viewers.

A lot of Hyperbole

Space Marine: I Am a Space Marine

I would also argue that this is in Grand Style, as the speaker is using very proper English, and is once again using a Deep Baritone voice.

The violence i front and center, appealing to those that would play the game, most likely teenage and young adult males.

I think that his position “Defending Mankind” is meant to appeal to emotions, that no one could object to this role, no matter how bloody. Humanity must be defended from those that would cause it harm.

“I am a Space Marine” sounds like he’s proud, and that this is an important role


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  1. kassiopia26 permalink

    I agree with you that both of these would probably fall under the grand style category. But I would like to mention that both of these commercials that you posted have a lot of words being said and a lot of action within the commercial. I think it would be a little hard to write about either of these commercials just because there is so much content. But I would say the Dos Equis commercial would probably be the easier of the two tackle. Besides hyperbole did you find anything else pertaining to ancient style within the commercial? Enough to write about?

  2. Love the grand style of the first commercial. Would you say the entire commercial is a metaphor about how the right beer leads to an interesting life?

    With your second choice, I agree that the voice and words lend a grand style to the commercial. However, most of the visual content would not be appropriate for all audiences. There seems to be a big disconnect between the appropriateness of the graphics and the grand style the music and vocals represent. I think it could be fascinating to explore this, but it could also be a little tricky.

  3. The Dos Equis commercial would probably be the better commercial to write the paper on but as kassiopia26 said what other styles, figurative language and tropes can you find. Think about accumulation, transitions and puns. Great start.

  4. meganfalk permalink

    I like the space marine for the mission, it is very formal. There are good points, but I think it would be hard to do for the paper.

    Dos Equis is grand, there is artful repetition in the words.

  5. fhsparty26 permalink

    Ha — I had a Dos Equis commercial on my blog as well. You’re right in your brief analysis — it’s absolutely done in an over-the-top style. There’s a bunch you can write on — good choice.

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