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What Are Others Saying?

October 27, 2011

THe first blog that I decided to take a look at was that of Amanda Wagner. I found an interesting idea that she had about Williams, which was, ” I realize I was skeptical towards Williams at first but by explaining what to use in our writing  on our own level, giving suggestions or guidelines he lets us improve on our own writing at our own pace.” I happen to agree with this statement, as I believe it supports a similar idea that I had, which was that Williams’ guide was more of a guide to read beforehand, to help you improve your general writing. It is true that by doing this, you can work to improve it at your own pace. She also said, later in the same blog post, that, “If I had to choose one chapter out of Williams’ book, I would choose Chapter 6 “Coherence 2″ it represented the issues I have had in the organization of my writing and why some readers don’t truly get my point half the time. ” I would agree with her statements about this section of Williams’ book. Just the opening of the chapter alone was plenty to support this, because this is where Williams talks about the structure of and argument. The flow from Issue to Discussion to Point is very important, and even without much explanation the importance of this structure can be seen. As for Strunk and White, she saw something similar to what I did. Late in her post, she said, “Strunk and White might be more effective by the fact that it is more concise. If you have a quick question and you need to find the answer in a timely manner than you can.” I agreed with her on this point, in that she and I both found Strunk and White to be more of a quick reference handbook than a writing guide that will improve your overall writing style in any lasting and meaningful way. It’s more something you look at when you can’t remember how to properly use the semi-colon. The second blog that I decided to take a look at for this was Ana W.’s blog. After browsing through it, I found this statement, “Strunk & White stick to the rule based format, stating guidelines and giving examples but never discussing things in depth. ” This is similar to the last idea that I found in Amanda’s blog, in that Strunk and White think that they are keeping it simple with this rules format. Another thing Ana found that I thought was interesting was this, “the area I found S&W most helpful with was punctuation.” I completely agree with this statement, as Williams had little to say about it, but Strunk and White dedicate a large chunk of the beginning of the book for just this purpose. All in all, it seemed from the blogs that I looked at, that people agree with my point of view on these books for the most part, with Williams being the better book, but Strunk and White’s book  having its uses.


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