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You-Tube/Low-Bridge Videos

November 11, 2011

Interestingly enough, for someone as technologically inclined as I am, I am not a fan of making YouTube videos, or any videos at all, really. I can understand their merit, and the videos and articles made some good points about it, but personally, I just don’t like making them. I’m not very good with or in front of a camera. I feel like I can get my point across much easier in a written piece, or even a speech. Making a short video feels kind of flippant, and it, to me, does not get the point across nearly as well as an essay would. I feel like some people might be able to learn from this, but I am certainly the type of person that needs to learn the rules by applying them in the medium in which they are to be used. As for YouTube in general, I don’t even use it for much beyond music. Sometimes someone will send me a humorous video and I’ll watch that, but I don’t look anything like that up myself, and I mostly just listen to music or watch obscure music videos. I don’t understand Vlogs or anything else like that. I just am not a big fan of the entire site.


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