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Peer Review, Part 3

November 24, 2011

First off, I didn’t mean to turn this in so late. I thought I had to do a different blog post, and I missed this one entirely. Peer review, this time around, was not nearly as effective for me as it had been in its previous incarnations. This was the one project I felt very good about from the start, and I disagreed with many of the comments that were left for me by my classmates. I did feel that in many cases they simply did not understand what I was trying to get at because I was writing from the standpoint of a science fiction setting, and they corrected things that, in my mind, had no business being corrected. This is quite unlike the previous peer reviews, in which I agreed with 80% of the comments made on my papers and did my best to make those corrections. In regards to leaving comments on other papers, I felt that this one was hard to make comments on too, because it’s more subjective and it’s hard to make the call on what is in “style” and what isn’t. With the other projects, making comments was relatively easyas the papers were linear and topic, and written like traditional essays.


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