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My Writing Technologies

The writing tools I use primarily are my laptop and my pens. I use big Pilot pens with a bold tip and black gel ink. They just look beautiful on paper and I always have a good time watching them write on paper, no matter what I’m writing for. However, I don’t often use those pens for formal writing. My handwriting is a bit hard to read, and that means it’s likely that anything I write out by hand I’d just have to transcribe onto a computer if anyone besides myself has to read it. I do most of my writing on my laptop. It’s a large laptop and it has a large keyboard, otherwise I might have some issues, as I have large fingers and that makes smaller laptops hard for me to type on. Growing up, I had to use pencils a lot, and I still do in classes. It’s important to be able to correct mistakes when you’re writing in a class, whether it’s notes, music, or an essay. However, I’m not, and never really have been, a big fan of the original form of pencil. If I have to use one, I tend to use a mechanical pencil.

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