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My Writing Technology Project

I initially had intended to char some sticks and write with the ash, but as it turned out, I don’t have a gas burner, and it’s hard to char sticks with an electric stove. SO, I had a lot of gathered sticks and nothing to do with them. But, I noticed that they broke easily, so I tried to break them and write out the word hello, by forming words with the broken sticks. However, my roommate’s cat was too interested in them to allow that. He started knocking around all of the sticks and biting them, taking them everywhere. When he wasnt attacking them, he was sitting by them, so I wrote out his name as he watched, and then I had my roommate hold him still for the picture. I actually think I had more fun with this than I would have had trying to write with burned sticks, as the cat made it more of a challenge, because he would just attack the second I left them alone.

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