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You Tube Commercials

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World

I think that this could be considered Grand Style, as it is done in an over-the-top style, and the speaker’s voice has a lot of gravitas.

He’s constantly shown with women, an obvious appeal to men

Deliberate contradictions, this man is exceptional and can do things others cannot or are not allowed to do.

“Stay thirsty my friends” is part of his catchphrase, meant to endear him to the viewers.

A lot of Hyperbole

Space Marine: I Am a Space Marine

I would also argue that this is in Grand Style, as the speaker is using very proper English, and is once again using a Deep Baritone voice.

The violence i front and center, appealing to those that would play the game, most likely teenage and young adult males.

I think that his position “Defending Mankind” is meant to appeal to emotions, that no one could object to this role, no matter how bloody. Humanity must be defended from those that would cause it harm.

“I am a Space Marine” sounds like he’s proud, and that this is an important role


Ancient Style

I actually really liked this reading, though I thought it might end up a bit dry at first glance. I’ll admit, the further I got into it though, the more technical their explanations got,  and I got a bit confused. It did not, however, affect my comprehension too much. This is my first year as a literature student, but I had encountered the strange structures they talked about on page 240, “Figures that Interrupt Normal Word Order.” I encountered it in old poetry, and some of it in Paradise Lost, though that was written in prose. I did find the whole section with the Gettysburg Address on page 247 interesting. Parallelism is an idea I knew about, but I had no idea that was what it was called, or that it was a codified form of Style dating as far back as ancient Greece. I also liked the last section about various different Sententia, especially the Sententia that appeal to Emotion. I like that that are such neat and efficient ways to classify such things.

My Writing Technology

The writing tools I use primarily are my laptop and my pens. I use big Pilot pens with a bold tip and black gel ink. They just look beautiful on paper and I always have a good time watching them write on paper, no matter what I’m writing for. However, I don’t often use those pens for formal writing. My handwriting is a bit hard to read, and that means it’s likely that anything I write out by hand I’d just have to transcribe onto a computer if anyone besides myself has to read it. I do most of my writing on my laptop. It’s a large laptop and it has a large keyboard, otherwise I might have some issues, as I have large fingers and that makes smaller laptops hard for me to type on. Growing up, I had to use pencils a lot, and I still do in classes. It’s important to be able to correct mistakes when you’re writing in a class, whether it’s notes, music, or an essay. However, I’m not, and never really have been, a big fan of the original form of pencil. If I have to use one, I tend to use a mechanical pencil.