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Peer Review Recap

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this peer review. I didn’t know how well we’d be able to comment on each others papers over the internet. Then, when we started, my apprehension quickly melted away. Google Documents is amazing. I’ve never used it before, and when I saw the little comment bubbles I was pleasantly surprised. I got a lot of the advice that I had hoped for from my groupmates, and I’ll be implementing most of it. As for my own advice, I felt I gave my best, though in one case my groupmate beat me to many of the corrections I would have made. The only thing I might have liked better would be a few rounds of peer review on the same paper, to give it greater polish, or the ability to talk to the people commenting on my paper in real time, so that I could explain or clarify some things I feel were, perhaps, subjective corrections.

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